The Daisy Chain: a Review

This is the second book I won at Goodreads.  I read it immediately after finishing Pirates and before finishing The Witch of Portobello.  I read it in one sitting!

The Daisy ChainThe Daisy Chain by Erica Goros

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The essence of the story in this book is one I enjoyed reading and I liked the periodic reveals as the story progressed. The descriptions of places were evocative and the characters were believable and lovable – not in a sentimental way, it’s just that I cared about them – or not, as was appropriate.

The introduction Erica included has several inspirational and thought provoking comments, especially about how we remember events to suit our own reality. As I was a lucky competition winner, Erica also sent me a personal wish in my copy. May we all have a 2012 full of fabulous stories. 🙂

I read the entire book in about 3 hours (I’m like that).

Now you’re wondering why, if I liked it so much, I only gave it three stars. I blame the editor. There were quite a number of typographical and grammatical errors. For someone who speed reads by visualising, these really detract from the experience as they remind that I’m reading rather than experiencing, which makes it feel like an effort rather than an escape.

I also found the layout distracting…perhaps sectioning the book into “Parts” would help the reader? I found it was more like a stream of consciousness. But then, I’m an engineer, so structure and reports are what I’m used to and on reflection perhaps Erica’s format works well with the story by bringing the reader closer to the main character. I am after all, just sharing my personal opinion, and not claiming to know the “right” way!

Many of the paragraphs are one or two sentences. I’ve found that a lot of modern books do this and I find it distracting – I think it looks wrong on the page (another of my personal opinions!).

In summary, this is a book well worth reading. I find scenes have come back to me since finishing, provoking further thought. I think it could be a fantastic book after the attentions of a skilled editor and a dedicated proof-reader. I shall be on the look-out for more of Erica’s work, in my usual serendipitous way 🙂

I’m claiming this book as No. 8/150 in the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge.
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