Sanctuary: Review

SanctuarySanctuary by Donna Ball

In the terrifying tradition of Dean Koontz…

Fleeing the violence and crime of life in the city, architect Laura Kane and her five year old daughter Christy move to an exclusive planned community deep in the untouched mountain wilderness of the Smoky Mountains. Legend has it that their home is built on holy ground. Other legends tell of hideous beasts that roam the mountainside, Yeti-like creatures so terrifying that no one has ever dared disturb their sanctuary… until now.

First there are random acts of vandalism, then small pets begin to disappear, and then men go into the woods and don’t come back. When Christy’s nightmares begin to suggest that she can actually communicate with the creatures who are wreaking such havoc on their small and vulnerable community, Laura is terrified. Because Christy’s dreams tell her that the monsters are coming for her next.

And she is right.

Sanctuary is a suspense-filled tale of love, courage and redemption that will take you in its grip from the first page and leave you breathless by the last. Because sometimes the real monsters are the ones you can’t escape, no matter how far you run.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fantastic tale – I love the subtle change of view of the “monsters” from evil aliens to…well, you’ll have to read the book – I’m not going to spoil!

This was pretty much unputdownable…I read myself to sleep rather than put it down! I like Donna Ball’s writing and Sanctuary did not disappoint. Some of the lead-up plots were a little unbelievable, but the action and main plot were well crafted.  The suspense builds nicely throughout the book, interspersed with more ordinary goings-on.

I downloaded this free eBook from Amazon.

I’m claiming this book as No. 9/150 in the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge and No. 4 in the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.
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3 responses to “Sanctuary: Review

  1. Oh! I don’t read many suspense novels but I’m glad you found a good one for FREE! 🙂

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