Unfaithfully Yours: review

Unfaithfully YoursUnfaithfully Yours by Joanne Clancy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Four scorned women, one adulterous man and the price he has to pay for their revenge. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” By William Congreve in The Mourning Bride of 1697.

Shona Morgan is in love with a married man. She finally realises that her married lover, Mark McNamara, is never going to leave his wife for her. Heartbroken, she resolves to break up with him and try to move on with her life.

Jackie Fitzpatrick seems to have it all; a loving husband and two beautiful children. However, she can’t escape the sneaking feeling that there’s more to life and embarks on an illicit affair, but at what cost?.

Penelope Garrett has had enough of being treated badly by the men in her life and is determined to seek revenge when her latest boyfriend lets her down..

Rebecca McNamara thinks she has the perfect marriage but when she discovers her husband’s dark secrets her idyllic life comes crashing down around her..

Four scorned women, one adulterous man and the price he has to pay for their revenge. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned..

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Unfaithfully Yours is a romance with a difference – or maybe that should be an anti-romance! There are definite shades of First Wives’ Club about this charmingly told tale of four women and their unlikely alliance to take their revenge on the man who has cheated them all.

The main aspect that would have improved the book for me was for the book to have a better sense of place. I know the book is set in Dublin, because we are told this; it is one of the things that attracted me to read Unfaithfully Yours. I have become fond of Dublin through Maeve Binchy’s descriptions and I was hoping to learn more about this vibrant city. I was disappointed because, to be honest, the book could have been set anywhere.

I didn’t feel Jackie’s apparently sudden urge to “join the fun” was adequately explained given her speech in the opening scene. Shona was a drama queen, but a well drawn drama queen! Had she been my little sister, I think I’d have shaken her rather earlier in the book! Penelope was a shallow character, who seemed to abandon Brianna, but showed some loyalty to Shona in the later part of the book. Brianna seemed to be the only reasonably balanced character in the book, but she was shunted off and not used to full effect. I thought that, during her conversations with Jackie, she might make the connection with “Penelope’s photographer”, but things didn’t develop that way.

The final section of the book seemed rush – in contrast to the first half where things didn’t feel as they were moving very much. I realise that the reader is deliberately not part of the planning in order to build suspense, but I felt that the ploy failed in its mission to build tension. Perhaps if the reader saw the unfolding of the revenge more from Mark’s point of view, with a few clues and pointers, this might be more effective in creating suspense and building tension.

The mistresses redeemed themselves somewhat by aiding Rebecca, the wronged, and by this point pregnant, wife in a public humiliation of Mark and subsequent locking him out of his house. I would have liked to know more about what happened to the women, especially Rebecca, and felt the book ended very abruptly.

These points for me turned what could have been a brilliant book into an average book. The bones of the plot are well thought out and the twists are elegantly placed. It is unfortunate that the execution doesn’t match up to the promise. Unfaithfully Yours is still a good read and has been, and I’m sure will be, enjoyed by many.

I thank Joanne Clancy for sending me this ebook to read

I’m claiming this book as No. 17/150 in the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge.
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  1. Jennifer Worrell

    Nice review:)

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