In My Letterbox (6): Sunday 20 May 2012

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In My Letterbox!!

I’ve been a very lucky girl again this week with four First Reads books arriving In My Letterbox.  I’m enjoying very much being part of The Story Siren’s weekly meme (click on the picture above for more details).

Books I have won on Goodreads First Reads:

1. The Haunted Grove and other stories by Tim Jeffreys

The Haunted Grove & other storiesThe Haunted Grove & other stories by Tim Jeffreys

“The Haunted Grove by Tim Jeffreys – a collection of nine tales of terror – has something for everyone. There are short shorts and long shorts, with storylines from the straightforward to the surreal. Themes range from the near-SF tone of “Three Winters”, through the mental powers of “The Thought She Blurted Out” to the magic of the title story. As a showcase of the author’s versatility, this collection serves its purpose well.” Review from The Horrorzine


Perhaps summer (?!) is the best time to read these horror stories – when it’s NOT dark and the wind isn’t howling around the doors….


2. Bone Machine by C. N. James

Bone MachineBone Machine by C.N. James

The Libra Robotics and Cybernetics Corporation robots have done the impossible. War, poverty, and slavery are nearly extinct. Worldwide employment is at an all time high. And the new workers’ paradigm: a four to six hour work day. The robots take care of the rest, acting as a personal substitute—like a clone, with all of your skills and abilities. Nearly everyone can spend time with family, pursue artistic and athletic ventures, become entrepreneurs—or anything else they’d like to do. Everyone except those working for Libra Corp.

Grayson Cornel doesn’t sleep much anymore. His life is in shambles. His father is teetering on death. He was recently promoted by Libra Corp, but his predecessor, Zoe Asher is wanted for murder and is now targeting him. On top of that, his first assignment in his new position has ended in disaster.

The last of the world’s sweatshops in Haiti had finally placed an order for Libra Corp robots, and it was Grayson’s job to make sure that the order was filled. But when the robots arrived, something went horribly wrong. They disappeared, leaving only dead bodies in their wake. No Libra Corp robot had ever killed anyone before, so Grayson is sent to Haiti to figure out what went wrong.

What he discovers begins to unravel a dark secret Libra Corp has been keeping from the public. Something so shocking that Grayson risks ending utopia to put a stop to it.


I am so pleased I won this book 😀 It’s going to be quite high on my “read and review now” list…when I get that written!


3. Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer

Alice Parker's Metamorphosis (Book 1 of the New Adventure Series for Children)Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer

Feisty thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn’t right. Aches and pains have started, she hardly sleeps and her craving for fruit is out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject. Feeling at odds with the world and being bullied by the ‘coven’ at school, Alice can’t take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she learn why she is different. But with this new identity comes responsibility and Alice isn’t convinced she can rise to the challenge. She just wants to be normal! The fact is she’s anything but.

Forgotten tales of a magical society are catapulted into the daily life of strong, memorable female characters who readers will grow to love. An intriguing blend of realism, suspense and fantasy, a must-read for girls of 7+.


This sounds so intriguing! I may have to get a copy for my niece 😉


4. Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C. Bird

Catastrophically ConsequentialCatastrophically Consequential by Stephen C. Bird

This prequel-sequel to “Hideous Exuberance” incorporates non-linear plots; comical rants and disturbing inner monologues; stream of consciousness dream sequences; psychedelic, surrealistic scenarios and time-traveling characters. Revel in the chaotic confusion of sociopathic celebrities, suburban swingers, suicidal trust fund girls, decadent jet setters, D-list standup comics, medieval princesses, sinister passive-aggressive jokers, “Evilangelists”, and a host of other lost souls and disreputable, vindictive losers, as they search in vain for metaphysical clarity.


I’ve read the first story and my thought was “Bizarre…in a good way”.  I’ve read a few other reviews and they reinforce the idea that I should leave the concept of normality behind when I read this.


My TBR list is getting longer! I have made a May Resolution to finish off all my lists:

  1. Free Kindle Books
  2. Owned Unread physical books (that haven’t been in an IML)
  3. Books Read But Not Yet Reviewed
  4. NetGalley ebooks received
  5. Short Term Reading List

and then to get reviewing my backlog of read books!  Watch out for the lists in future IMM slots, while I try to refrain from buying new books and downloading free ebooks!!!

Happy reading to all – may the books you crave find their way to your letter box!  Be sure to leave a link in your comment – I will visit and, software permitting <sigh>, leave a comment.

12 responses to “In My Letterbox (6): Sunday 20 May 2012

  1. Congrats on all the wins! My Post!

    Happy reading!

  2. what great books! good look with a horror story! you are much braver than me! happy reading!

    • Thank you! That’s the things with First Reads – you never know quite which books, if any, you’ll actually get!
      I do think I shall wait for a very sunny day and read the book outdoors!

  3. Great books you got there! Hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂

    Happy Reading!
    Filia @ Anima Libri – Booksoul

    My IMM

  4. All of those books have some really creepy covers, but they all look good! I’m not big on horror stories, but I hope you enjoy everything! Happy reading and thanks for visiting my post. 🙂

  5. Awesome haul! Looks like you have some wonderful reading in your future! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

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