Misfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman: review

Misfortune CookieMisfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Following your heart will pay off in the near future”

The fortune cookie had spoken, affirming Hannah’s decision to move to Hong Kong to be with her boyfriend. She’s no stranger to rash decisions – after all she moved from the US to London on a dare, and that worked out, didn’t it? Ever the optimist, she’s determined to make a success of her move, no matter what anybody says.

Unfortunately, anybody seems to be everybody and her life isn’t going exactly to plan.

Sure, she’s found a career in fashion that she loves, her best friend Stacy moved to be with her, and they’re exploring the weird and wonderful in Hong Kong. It’s her love life that’s not quite living up to expectations. It isn’t easy having a relationship with a boyfriend who’s been posted to a job in another country. Particularly one who seems a bit too cosy with his new boss.

When things also start going wrong at work, Hannah begins to think her friends and family were right. Has she made the worst mistake of her life?


I received this ebook from Michele Gorman to read and review. I read it quite quickly after receiving it, but real life has got in the way of me writing a full review any sooner, for which I apologise.

Misfortune Cookie is a fun read, falling clearly into the chicklit genre. It is a testament to Michele’s writing ability that at the same time time that she makes her main character, Hannah, a rather selfish and quite self-centred person, you still want to find out what happens to her and, despite her ways, you want things to turn out right for her.

I think this dichotomy may be because although Hannah displays lots of selfish behaviour, she can also be very kind, and rarely sets out to hurt or harm anyone. She is loyal to those she regards as friends.

During her stay in Hong Kong, we see Hannah grow as a person. She starts to realise there are wide swaths of human experience of which she has not been aware. Her ability to infer fashion trends from people’s behaviour and link this to economic trends is both break-taking and heart-warming and shows that everyone had a talent, however specialised it might be!.

One thing that ‘made’ this book for me was Michele’s description of Hong Kong. I have never (yet!) visited Hong Kong, so Misfortune Cookie gave me a flavour of the city, its heat and humidity. Hong Kong was as much of a character in this book as any of the people.

The supporting cast were well chosen and we had pretty much the full set of personality types! They were for the most part well drawn from a character point of view, but I didn’t have clear physical images of many of them. I’ve only realised this whilst writing the review; it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book at all.

Michele’s writing style is engaging and thus easy to read. There was little repetition and the descriptions of places clear, crisp and atmospheric. Without being heavy-handed, there was never any doubt that we were anywhere but Hong Kong.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this book – it is an excellent summer read. Ladies: download it to read in the sun!


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I’m claiming this book as No. tbc/150 in the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge; and No. 1 in the Second in Series Reading challenge..
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2 responses to “Misfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman: review

  1. Thanks so much Rose, I’m thrilled that you loved the book, and that Hong Kong came alive for you! It was such a wonderful experience to live there to do the research.

    • Oooh! You lucky lady! Now I’m jealous! 😉
      That you been there for more than a two week visit really shows. It takes time to get to know a place and to gain some understanding of it.
      Thanks for letting me have the book to read.

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