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Sunburnt by M. D. Keating: review

SunburntSunburnt by M.D. Keating

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An unemployed alcoholic writer, coping with the death of his father, is unwittingly drawn into a scandal of EPIC proportions, when his estranged childhood best friend, now a very successful offshore banker, disappears with BILLIONS of dollars that don’t belong to him … Follow our unlikely hero through a collage of rogue characters into a dangerous world of CORRUPTION, GREED, DRUGS, ARMS, and WAR …


Sunburnt is nicely printed and bound, with easy-on-the-eye text. When I flicked through the book after opening my package at work, my first thought was “Oh heck, it’s a play!”, but I started at the beginning on page 5 (I’ve wondered since I was small why some books start numbering the story pages by counting the leaves in the book…) and by the time I got to page 7, I was hooked!

I had to stop to cook tea, feed the cats and so on, but I finished the book in around 24 hours elapsed time.  It is an excellent fast-paced book. I found the layout easy to read; the centre justification was different without being distracting.  Being a very visual person, this novel way of laying out a book really appealed to me.

The story itself was interesting; I found the change of viewpoint that came from the introduction of different interleaved characters refreshing. I enjoyed the twists of the plot and I really cared about the characters and wanted the best for them. The ending tied up all loose ends to my satisfaction.

All in all, a great read and one I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you M.D. and Goodreads for picking me to receive Sunburnt in the Goodreads Giveaway.


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