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Tuesday Totals (2) 2012: Week 24

Tuesday Totals – 10 – 17 June 2012

As I’m getting a bit behind with books reviews and blog changes, I am writing a weekly round-up of my blog activities – accomplished and planned – to try to keep myself on track, focused and with a sense of achievement! There are seven sections of activities; this post details their status for the week 11–17 June 2012.

Currently Reading

1. The Secret Chamber by Patrick Woodhead (p45 of 410)

I bought this paperback at the supermarket.  It’s already taken us to three remote locations on three continents.  I want to know what’s happened to Joshua.

Finished This Week

1. Gull on the Roof by Derek Tangye

I picked up this book to find out more about Lama, one of Derek’s cats. She finally made an appearance on the very last page! Luckily there are lots more of Derek’s books to discover and she will be in those 🙂

2. Unforgettable Embrace by Joanne Clancy

Most of the review is written – plus I have notes I took whilst reading this book. Now I just have to knit all the bits together into something coherent.

3. Columbus Avenue Boys by David Carraturo

I won this book on an ebook giveaway by the author. I’m enjoyed this book…I like the writing style and the technique of jumping around between decades and generations. I’ll be starting the next in the series in the coming week and getting the review for this one written in June – as promised!

Reviews in Manuscript

I like writing with a pen (or pencil) and paper. In addition, it is more convenient to write by hand, since in the time available, I don’t have access to a computer 🙂 Look out for these reviews coming soon:

1. Defying Drakon by Carole Mortimer
2. Hot Girl’s Friend by Lisa Scott
3. Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops
4. The First Rule of Ten by Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsey
5. Scarlett’s by A. L. Collins
6. The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells
7. The Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio
8. Little Girls: A Novella by Elton Lord
9. Unforgettable Embrace by Joanne Clancy

Reviews Posted

1. Echos of the Sun by Kathleen Ann Gallagher
2. Horses of the Sun by Leanne Owens

TBR Shortlist

I’ve been using a very rough priority scheme to choose my next book to read: author gifts (AG) get priority, followed by First Reads (FR) wins and then anything else I fancy! I thought it might be a good idea if I gave this a little more thought and also worked in some of the NetGalley (NG) books for which I’ve been approved.

My immediate reading list is:

1. Cameron Nation by David Carraturo (AG)
2. Growing up Wired by David Wallace Fleming (AG)
3. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (NG)
4. Timepiece by Myra McEntire
5. Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C. Bird (FR)
6. Doll Parts by Wayne Simmons (FR)

Blog updates completed

1. Tuesday Totals – two posts made, template created
2. Bookish Funny Friday – three more posts scheduled

Blog Updates Planned

1. Review Policy – mostly written, partly typed
2. Reviews: My thoughts and philosophy – written, partly typed
3. Tuesday Totals – explanation page to be written, a logo would be nice, but not sure what (and how)
4. Monthly Musings – explanation page to be written, logo to be created; two posts written, need to be typed
5. Blog Improvements – section needed with to do list

Some progress made in the last week; it’s been a busy one in real life. Having a list to go to means I make useful and directed progress though 🙂
What do you have planned for your blog?  How do you decide which book to read next???