Daily Archives: 20 July, 2012

Bookish Funny Friday (11)

Need I say more?!

Here is my eleventh entry for Tina’s BFF picture parade.

I have just moved the picture I had planned for this week to next week, having spotted this picture on a friends Facebook page!  Given that even the guys on the shopfloor are talking about 50SoG, this seemed a timely addition to the BFF Gallery.  It also gives me the opportunity to gain a wider audience for my suggestion that fans of the Grey series are called SOGGIES.  Are you a SOGGY??

I must apologise for this post being late.  My internet and phone connection are down at the moment (phone company fault) and work have changed their internet security protocols so even editing my blog there is difficult.  I’m at a friend’s house doing this!

The phone company say it could take until Wednesday to get my connection back up, so it’s likely that Tuesday Totals will be late – again!

Have a great weekend everyone.

There’s more information on BFF under my heading Fun Things which has a link to Martina’s blogpost and the meme picture in my RH sidebar also links to Tina’s post.  Come and join us and have some fun!