In My Mailbox (13): Sunday 29 July 2012




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In My Mailbox!!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren and Letterbox Love is a British take on the idea. If you want to know more, there is information under the Fun Things heading above, or you can click on the pictures at the top of this post to take you to the hosts’ blogs.

These posts are to tell you about the books I have acquired recently. I know most bloggers call all such posts “In My Mailbox”, however, as I’m English, my physical post comes through my letterbox and my electronic mail arrives in my mailbox (or my inbox…). So I have decided to use the following terms:

In My Letterbox (IML) for the physical books I aquire;
In My Mailbox (IMM) for the NetGalley books or ebooks sent to me for review by authors;
In My Inbox (IMI) for the free Kindle ebooks I compulsively download!


I have got very behind on reading and reviewing NetGalley books, so I thought it about time I at least listed some of them on my blog.  Currently I’m reading some author-gifted books, then I’m going to get stuck in to some of these.  I now have a list of all downloaded books in a spreadsheet, so I can list any I’ve missed in a future IMM.


1. A Kiss Goodbye by Audrey Penn

Publisher: Tanglewood 15 April 2007


2. Resonance by A.J. Scudiere

Publisher: Griffyn Ink 10 January 2010


3. Rise by Yosef Gotlieb

Publisher: Atida Press. The Olive Group 01 October 2011


4. The White Oak by Kim White

Publisher: Story Machine Studio 09 April 2012


5. Shades of Murder by Lauren Carr

Publisher: Acorn Book Services, CreateSpace 15 May 2012


6. Till We Eat Again by Judy Gruen

Publisher: CreateSpace 21 May 2012


7. Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster

Publisher: Minotaur Books, St. Martin’s Press 05 June 2012


8. Dog Is My Copilot by Patrick Regan

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 19 June 2012


9. The World Without You by Joshua Henkin

Publisher: Pantheon Books, Knopf Doubleday 19 June 2012


10. One Moment by Kristina McBride

Publisher: Egmont USA 26 June 2012


11. Elza’s Kitchen by Marc Fitten

Publisher: Bloomsbury 03 July 2012


How has your collection grown recently? Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll pop over!  Happy reading and hope to see you next week.

18 responses to “In My Mailbox (13): Sunday 29 July 2012

  1. Oh my gosh. I haven’t heard of ANY of these. O.O But they sound really interesting. 🙂

    Happy reading!

    My Mailbox

  2. A great haul of books there, happy reading!

    My IMM

  3. WOW, a lot of books you got from NetGalley! I haven’t heard of any of them so I will definitely be checking them out! I hope you enjoy reading them all, have a great Sunday!

    Kayla @ Bengal Reads

    If you would like to check out my Mailbox post “CLICK HERE

  4. Ohh! I really liked One Moment. It’s a a super quick read too.

    My IMM

  5. Congratulations on your book haul! Isn’t NetGalley great?

  6. fabulous reads for you this week! looking forward to Kristina’s book myself! hope you enjoy them all!

  7. I’ve only heard of One Moment….hope you like it 🙂

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