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Bookish Funny Friday (20) #35

Don't make me angry....

Don’t make me angry….

Here is my twentieth entry for Tina’s BFF picture parade, she’s on #35; I haven’t decided what to do about numbering!.

I know this feeling so well!  My childhood was complicated by the fact that my Dad couldn’t understand how I could read and watch TV simultaneously…it was easier in those days, when TV was dialogue based rather than action based as today.

Have a great weekend everyone.

There’s more information on BFF under my heading Fun Things which has a link to Martina’s blogpost and the meme picture in my RH sidebar also links to Tina’s post.  Come and join us and have some fun!

A Note

A quick note to my readers to say that I will be returning soon. A few things happened in RL in September that meant blogging had to take a back seat. I have been reading, so I have no shortage of material for review. 😉

Thank you for your patience!