Hello folks! Thank you for visiting my blog.  As you’re on this page, you’re probably expecting to find out something about me and my blog 😉

I started this blog thanks to encouragement and help from my friend Daisy Chain to keep track of the books I read.  Daisy got me hooked on Goodreads, so the reviews also appear there.  She has introduced me to NetGalley, and I will be reviewing books received from publishers through the NetGalley site; these will all be clearly marked as to their provenance.

I really hate reviews which are nothing but a summary of the plot and give away every important plot twist.  I am going to do my best to write reviews which give my honest opinion of the books but without any spoilers.  What I will do is put the publisher’s back-of-the-book blurb at the top of the post, so you get an idea of the book (assuming you haven’t yet read it).  Whilst I’m not going to credit them on every post, I think it will be obvious the writing’s not mine!

Then, below a divider (these are evolving over time), you’ll find my review.  Since I post my reviews on Goodreads, you’ll also find my out-of-5-stars rating and links to the Goodreads entries.

I shall also tell you about the books I have acquired recently.  I know most bloggers call such posts “In My Mailbox”, however, as I’m English, my physical post comes through my letterbox and my electronic mail arrives in my mailbox (or my inbox…). So I have decided that when I tell you all about my physical books, I shall entitle the post In My Letterbox (IML); when posting about NetGalley books or ebooks sent to me for review by authors, I shall use the more conventional In My Mailbox (IMM); and when I list the free Kindle ebooks I compulsively download, I shall call it In My Inbox (IMI)!

I hope you enjoy the blog and find inspiration for your reading.  Comments and recommendations welcome

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Rose
    Nice to meet an English blogger! I’ve just published my first novel,Dangerous Waters, a romantic mystery & wonder if you’d be interested in reading & reviewing it? I’m English too!
    Best wishes

  2. hi Rose
    Sorry, had a memory lapse! We’re already in contact . . Must remember to keep taking the tablets:)

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